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A legal consulting firm specializing in laws regarding information and digitalization.

Practice areas

Our goal

We want to make legislation on information simple. It should be easy to do the right thing. We want to help our clients navigate the complex legislation that has emerged to protect individuals, society and the state. In this, we want to help our clients meet the requirements placed on them in an ethical way that works for the business. We are convinced that our focus areas concern important human rights and are otherwise important for maintaining an open and democratic society, which is also important for you as an entrepreneur, employer and social actor.

As consultants, we have a deep understanding of the needs of the public sector and the reason why regulators act as they do. In addition to this, we also understand business activities and that data and personal data for many businesses are necessary and a prerequisite for operating. Where the processing of personal data in addition to this is central to trust between employer and employee or company and customer.

We can help you with your ongoing needs in i.e. these areas:

We see our focus areas from a holistic perspective, that the different parts form a whole. In order to have effective protection of personal data, there must also be effective information security measures. We also want to be a driving force for data protection and information security in society and within this help create the conditions for effective data protection that is ethical. Based on this, we want to constantly collaborate with actors who have the same vision – whether it is linked to a specific project or a long-term collaboration.

Foto of Mattias Gotthold in Luleå

Mattias Gotthold

Owner and senior legal counsel

Mattias is a lawyer with several years of experience in the focus areas of the business. He has previously worked at a commercial law firm and government agencies. Today, he is vice-chairman of the Swedish Data Protection Forum, Data Protection Officer for Luleå Municipality and senior legal counsel at Data Law Center. He has an understanding of both legislation, implementation of legislation, digitalisation and the technology used.

If you have any questions about us or would like to collaborate with us, you can contact Mattias.

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